Pyramids – to show his teacher you can see man-made things from space and look at swirling sand

Lance wrote “If you took a photo, I would know if you can see man-made things from space. I could show my teacher I was right.” This is one of several pictures Tim Peake took of the pyramids while he was on the ISS. On Twitter, he said, “Can’t see the Pyramids with the naked eye from space but this is the view through an 800mm lens.” So it seems both Lance and his teacher are both right, in a way.

While lots of people in all age groups asked for pictures of the pyramids, Lance also thought about how what might be visible around them could depend on the weather, saying: “They should have lots of sand around them. The edges of the sand may move when the wind blows. You may see swirls in the sand if it is windy.”

Lance’s sisters, Kristi and Kacey, also entered the competition and were long-listed in their age categories.