If you were lucky enough to attend the Principia Schools’ Conferences in Portsmouth or York in November, you may have grabbed a copy of the first version of our colouring books. The initial idea behind these was to help younger children identify features on aerial photographs, and support slightly older children to develop their ability to understand maps by showing them the link between aerial photographs and a more schematic outline drawing. And what better place to get an aerial photograph than the ISS?

Images of 8 places on earth
Tim Peake/ESA/NASA

Dominic Remedios from Loughborough Grammar school helped us to identify a set of eight photographs taken by Tim Peake (or during his mission) that, between them, included the many human and natural features listed in the English National Curriculum for Geography at Key Stage 1. We passed the list and the photographs on to our illustrator, Claire Burwell, who outlined the key features (or examples of them) to create more map-like images, complete with a legend. She has been very kind, and used different colours, weights and types of lines to make things a little easier.

But we like colouring too, so we persuaded Claire to do a second set for grown-ups (or older children). These don’t have a key – or the hints – so may be more of a challenge. However, in the same way as you use the picture on the lid to help with a jigsaw, we’ve included copies of the pictures, and links to the originals, in each set.

Outline image of Dubai

You can download the version for ‘grown-ups’ here and the teaching version here at the ESERO-UK/STEM library. Both come as pdf booklets, so you can view on any computer and print the page – or pages – that you want to use. The second link takes you to a page that also includes a presentation, printable versions of the original images and a teacher guide.

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