Number of players

3 to 10

What you need

  • A deck of Earth from Space cards.
  • A die with a different colour on each face, or a spinner showing six colours (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet).

If you didn’t pick up a set of cards at Discover Space in Manchester, you can print a set for your own use (or multiple sets for classroom use).
Download single-sided Earth from Space cards.
Download double-sided Earth from Space cards.
You may NOT amend the cards or reproduce for commercial purposes.

How to play

Spread 10 random cards on the table. Put the rest to one side.

  • Spin the spinner or throw the die (alternatively, players could take it in turn to suggest a colour).
  • Players race to grab cards that have at least one spot of that colour.
  • If anyone grabs a card that doesn’t match, they must return that and one of those they have already won.
  • Add more cards to replace those that have been grabbed.

The winner is the person with the most cards when there are no more cards left to grab.

To make it quicker

Have more cards on the table at each round (more than 20 makes it difficult).

To make it easier

Use the band colour rather than the spot colour.

To make it harder

Allow players to pick up cards that have two or more, or a certain number of spots of a particular colour.
Instead of using a colour to decide which cards can be picked up, use a feature e.g. river, town, fields. Players could take it in turn to pick a feature or it could be chosen from a features list using a pair of dice. This would also need more careful examination of the cards each player has grabbed.